Who is the Jerk in this Scenario?

Guy in front of me in the security line at the Raleigh airport shows his i.d. to the…what is the title? I.D. checker?

She notes that the name on the ticket is not the same as the name on his i.d. Apparently he is called by his middle name. She asks for a different i.d. He kinda rolls his eyes and takes out another i.d. card. This one confirms the initials, but not the full name. She asks for another piece of i.d.

I can see his ticket from where I am standing. He is a 1K flyer. I may have mentioned that my friend the retired meeting planner is only at 830,000-some lifetime miles. 1K flyers do not do things that they remotely think will get the held up in security. I think this chick is being unreasonable.

On the other hand, people that go by their middle name should be used to this problem and make accomodations.

Then I hear her say, “No, sir, I am not kidding.”

Holy crap, dude. Did you just say, “Are you kidding? ” to the TSA? Are you an idiot? Now I am on her side.

He was pulled out of line until they could talk to a supervisor and I moved on. The guy was on my flight back to Chicago, so it must not have been a tragedy, but still.

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