Last Night at the Shoe Store

I went to Famous Footwear to buy new gym shoes last night. Again, they had the Buy One Get One Half Off sale, so I went to find some new gym shoes for my nephew. This is how I deal with my urge to not pass up a sale and still avoid spending way more money than I should. What size was he again? I called my brother’s phone:

Me: Tell me again what size shoe Alex wears.
Him: …7?
Me: Hm. There is a cool pair of size 8. Oh! And that 7 ½ is even cooler.
Him: Maybe the 8 is better.
Me: Are you sure?
Him: No! Why are you calling me! Call Becky!

So I call the house and talk with my sister-in-law. She validated everything he said. He was growing out of his shoes and the 8 would be better. Fine. Black and blue with Velcro. (When should we be teaching him to tie his shoes?)

At the counter, the guy asks me if I want to donate $3 to the March of Dimes. Famous Footwear will triple my points or something. Very quickly, I do this in my head:

  1. March of Dimes really isn’t my charity
  2. I never use those rewards certificates in time, anyway
  3. $3 is more than the usual “rounding up” or “extra dollar” donation
  4. I am already spending a bunch
  5. If they are putting their money where their mouth is, I should, too
  6. ‘Tis the season or something

So I told the guy to go right ahead and add the extra $3.00. Ringing it up, he said:

“You know, I have worked retail for a lot of years. Stores try to collect for charity all of the time and I never saw it working. Until I came to Glenview.”

Yeah. This is often a stupid town. But it’s my stupid town and it was nice to hear we are getting one thing right.

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