At the Refuge – Angel

Angel the Umbrella Cockatoo is an excellent example of why these are often called “velcro birds”. She wants to be held all the time. I took her out the other night and placed her on the kitchen playstand with a treat. She isn’t a flight risk, so I went to back to the front room to do some cleaning.

Angel climbed down and walked across the floor to me. I placed her up on the staircase railing. She climbed down and walked over to me.

No screaming. No biting. But very insistent. And no treats would make her change her mind.

Angel’s feathers are pretty scraggly, but I am hopeful that she will leave them alone when she starts to get more comfortable in her new life. This picture doesn’t do her justice – she is going to be a beauty.

Angel is available for adoption and you can read more about her here.

2 Comments on “At the Refuge – Angel

  1. Oh how sweet. I know so little about birds, didn’t know they liked to cuddle. I checked out the article you posted the other day about the shelter where you volunteer, never thought about how birds can live such a long time and be separated from their owners because the owners pass away. I hope Angel finds a good home soon.

  2. Thanks for that. Kiwi, my African Grey parrot, was surrendered to the Refuge at age 6 because her dad developed cancer and her mom was too busy caring for him to give her the attention that she needs. African Greys can live for 45-50 years. So she might outlive me, too!

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