More about Reusable Bags and Half Price Books

I went to Half Price Books today, which will not make my friends at the Library very happy. Can’t help it – I love that store. But I never buy anything at HPB that I think I might be able to pick up at the Library Used Book Store. For example:

After reading Atonement last year, I saw a copy of Ian McEwan’s Saturday in the Clearance Section of HPB. I said to myself, “No. I am sure that will show up at the Library eventually.” And I was right. I found it last week in with the Trade Paperbacks and bought it. Now ask if I’ve read it yet.

Anyway. HPB was doing a holiday weekend sale and my mother has been saying that she wants to read the Civil War books of Shelby Foote. See how I rationalize going book shopping. I’m only doing it for my dear mother. As if she needs more Civil War books. My rule about HPB is that unless it is a sale day or I have a coupon of some sort, I only buy from the Clearance section. Shelby Foote is not showing up in the Clearance Section.

I found a lovely copy of the 40th Anniversary Edition of the first book in Foote’s series for $6.98. And a few things in Clearance for myself. Here is my point:

Half Price Books has their reusable bag program, and I love their bags so much that I didn’t even bring mine to their store because I wanted to buy more. I’m thinking two more and I will never require another plastic bag again – even at the grocery store.
They were sold out.
My mother says it is my own fault, because I have told the whole world that their reusable bags are the best for the money. Oh, well. Good on them for starting the program. I wonder if they will report statistics on its success.

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