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Too Much TV Again

There are some movies that we shouldn’t bother to pick up on DVD because they are always on cable. Some of these are movies that we simply cannot turn off, regardless of how many, many times we have seen them before. Tonight’s example is… Continue Reading “Too Much TV Again”

This is to Make My Mother Mad.

She stopped reading the books and cursed Jo Rowling’s name the moment a certain someone that we all loved got avada kedevra’d (I don’t remember how to spell that) in Book 5. I like that this is more creepy than mind-blowing.

At the Movies: The Balcony is Closed

I read the Tribune, so I missed Roger Ebert’s blog at the Sun Times on the “new direction” of his show, At the Movies (or whatever they call it these days). You can read it here. I remember when Gene Siskel died, in early… Continue Reading “At the Movies: The Balcony is Closed”

Most of my friends already know about this website, but for those that don’t use it: The Internet Movie Database is the official data source for all things Hollywood. It covers television as well as film. Have you ever found yourself watching a movie… Continue Reading “”

I Can’t Be the First Person to Notice This

The similarity between Heath Ledger’s Joker and Brandon Lee’s The Crow.