Too Much TV Again

There are some movies that we shouldn’t bother to pick up on DVD because they are always on cable. Some of these are movies that we simply cannot turn off, regardless of how many, many times we have seen them before. Tonight’s example is Last of the Mohicans.

My mother’s is Independence Day. I have literally caught her watching it during the Super Bowl. Twice since I’ve had cable in my bedroom, I stayed up too late watching Speed, which is much more charming than its trailer. There were about two years when one or the other of The Addams Family films was on some channel, somewhere. And let’s not mention Harry Potter.

Lesser “must watch it to the end” films in my house are Twister, and The Replacements, which was a Keanu Reeves football comedy. Be quiet, Gene Hackman was in it. These are not the films we love the most. Not even really good shows in many cases. Just the stuff we can’t turn off.

On this Labor Day weekend, there was always something on. Makes the Staycation much more bearable, I think. And now Beetlejuice is on Chiller. I love that channel!

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