Clothes Dryer

I am back from Washington, but my bathroom project isn’t finished. So I am without my birds, Kiwi the Grey and Manu the Foster-Amazon until Tuesday. More time to fool around on the Internet. From The Chicago Tribune:

But even in real life with a budget, my family and I have scored big with one simple lifestyle change—we hang dry all of our laundry. It has reduced our power bill, and turned us, like converts to a new faith, into proselytizers.

I am, of course, aware that the dryer uses a lot of electricity. And this is a nice idea, in a Laura Ingalls way. But what the article (which you can find here) fails to mention is that after “do not leave your bedroom windows open”, the most common piece of advice given to people that suffer from allergies is, “do not line-dry your clothes outside”. The wet clothes will pick up all of the allergens you are trying to avoid before you even wear them.

So it is a nice thought, but not happening in my house.

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