At the Children’s Museum

Glenview is very proud of Kohl’s, its childrens’ museum in the Glen Town Center.  Very hands on with the pretend grocery store and pretend sandwich shop and pretend vet’s office, etc.  My brother’s family bought a membership this year and we took the kids over today.  I was interested to see how each child navigated it.

Alex, age 6, was a lot like me.  He ran through each exhibit rather quickly, then doubled back to the things that he really enjoyed.  Ainslie went into the pretend library – with all of the real books – and camped out right here:

At the real computer.  The child is two and a half years old and I could not tear her away from this screen.  All I did was get her to the menu of “toddler games”.  She went through each one and found the one she liked.  It involved a choo-choo train where you match the letters on the keys to the letters on the doors of the freight train doors to unlock them.

Scott got her away from it for awhile, but at the next opportunity, she dragged me by the hand back to the pretend library with the real computer games.  This gave “growing up with technology” new meaning for me.

And I guess I know what to get this one for her birthday.

P.S.  Her pigtails are uneven because she wouldn’t sit still when her mother tried to fix them after nap time.

I Can’t Even Believe I am Doing This

Again, with the cupcakes.

I mentioned that a cupcakery opened in Glenview and I had to walk by it on my way to Noodles last night and they had a sign in the window advertising S’mores cupcakes:

It was ok.  The marshmallow icing was tasty, but had dried so that there was a layer that was almost like a hard shell.  The cake wasn’t terribly dry, but crumbled badly.  There was also a fudge filling, but by the time I got to it I was going into a sugar fit.

I keep forgetting to just get the vanilla when I am going to review a cupcake.

Again with the Cupcakes

About five minutes after professing that I am not a crazy cupcake lady, and that it is just a Washington thing, I saw a window sign in the Glen Town Center that a cupcakery  was coming.  Cup of Cake opened sometime when I was on the road and I went in on Thursday before heading to the Library.

They have tables, which is good.  And Hot Chocolate, which will make me very happy, assuming it is any good.  There are a few more bakery items along with the cupcakes.  The cupcakes are $2.75 each, which 25 cents less than the truck in DC and 75 cents less than the cupcakery on 7th street.

I ordered a cake pop, which seems to be the Next Big Thing (meaning that even Starbucks has them now).

I believe I read that it is cake mashed with frosting dipped in chocolate.  Read as:  sugar bomb.  I will not be ordering this again.

The really bad news is the operating hours.  They don’t even open until noon and are closed on Sundays.

Happily, it seems I will not become Crazy Cupcake Lady.  But I am glad to have them.

Edit:  I just read that Facebook page that I linked to and it seems that their hours are changing and they will be open on Sundays soon.  Also, Friday and Saturday they will open at 11:30 a.m., which is better.  Somewhat.

A Day at the Museum

Scott and Becky brought the kids out to Glenview to go to Kohl’s Children’s Museum, and I met them.  I took Alex there when he was Ainslie’s age – two years old.  He did not run around like this:

This is about what the day looked like.  She ran from place to place so fast that it was hard to catch up, let alone get a clear picture.

After a couple of hours at the museum, we headed over to Noodles for lunch.  Alex saw the signs for Potbelly Sandwiches across the street, and said:

“It says Ice Cream!  And Cookies!”  Ainslie perked up her little head.

“Dude,” I said to Becky.  “That’s what you get for teaching the kid to read.”

Recording the Event

I did not take pictures of the Blizzard of 2011.  OK, fine.  (walks to the window with a phone.)  Here is one.  Just to prove I was here.  From my bedroom window, you can see the snow drift going almost to the top of my four-foot fence.  The drifts were justs as high in front of my garage and my front door.

Yesterday, my office was closing early, so I called my dentist to see if my appointment was still on.  It was.  I arrived early and they took me early.  When I walked out the door, the blizzard was in full swing.  It took 45 minutes to drive the three miles home.

I live in a cul de sac, so there are three snow plows required to get us out.  The big village truck goes down the length of the street.  The little village truck does the circle.  And we contract with a guy to do the driveway.  The village trucks came at regular intervals.  The driveway guy came at 2:30 a.m.  There have been six or eight inches since then.

I woke up at about 5:15, confirmed that my office was still closed, and went back to sleep.  Turned on the WGN and the Facebook at about 7am to hear about all of the people that had been stranded overnight.  My friend Matt left his office in the city at 8pm and went to northwest station.  He got home at 2:30.  Tammy’s car died and her heat went out.

I called the rescue at 9am or so.  Apparently, even if I got off my own street, I couldn’t get on to theirs.  I tried to shovel, anyway.  And decided that I need a snowblower.  So I called every hardware store in a 20 mile radius – and every Target – and no one has any left.

11:30ish the cabin fever really hit.  I was going out.  I knew Target was open, anyway.  I got my car out just fine, but the garage didn’t shut properly, which gave us a big scare when I arrived back home.  I think it’s ok, though.

Target was awesome.  And creepy.  I saw exactly two staffers and two other customers.  I nearly ran into a guy turning a corner and for two seconds, I could have sworn that he was a zombie and I was going to die.

I had to take a detour on the way home, as the plows were doing their thing, so it was a bit of a tour of North Glenview.  Except for a few cars that were still stranded on the streets, it didn’t look too bad.  But the best part?

McDonald’s was open.  I love my McDonald’s.

So.  Two feet of snow.  Serious snow drifts up against my house and the fence.  But assuming the plows finish up and the salt trucks get around tonight, we should be in good shape for tomorrow.   And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is why I still live in Cook County.

That Time of Year

Open Enrollment.  Three trips in three weeks.  Peppermint hot chocolate.  Spending too much money.   And taking off every Friday (that I am not on the road) so that I don’t “lose” my vacation time.

I also start power-reading because I may or may not officially be behind schedule in my 50 Book Challenge.  Which I should be doing now, inasmuch as I am at the library.  But I find it weird to read on a Kindle when I am physically in the Used Book Store.

The Fiction shelves are already pretty packed.  In fact, we are pulling out duplicates to make more room on the shelves.  I am thinking we should pull all of the mysteries out, move them to where the cookbooks are and hijack the space that is not being used effectively by foreign language titles.  I realize that you don’t care, but I needed to write that down so I don’t forget to make the recommendation.

Who would’ve thought we could fill this up so fast?

While I am talking about the Used Book Store, the dates for the Holiday Sale are set.  December 4 – December 18, most of our books will be half off the regular price.  Books listed on will be 20% off.  There are several that I am looking to buy myself!

In other Glenview news, Steven Soderbergh is filming a movie in the Glen.   Some high school buds on Facebook find this cool.  I find it a nuisance.  Fortunately, the trailers stayed put and I was able to go about my happy day.

I took out my winter coat.  But the Dairy Bar is still open.  What’s up with that?