Becoming the People I Hate

I am leaving for Seattle tomorrow.  And I am packing the laptop.

First, because I might get some real work done on the road.  My employer does not require this, but I feel compelled.  I hate that.

Second, because I just started that new class on Academic Earth and I want to keep going.  And I can’t wait a week?  I hate that.

Third, you can never trust a hotel to have the TV channels that you want, not to mention being in a different time zone.  So I am bringing Season 1 of True Blood on DVD (that I did finally buy at Target for $17).

Really?  I need to bring a whole laptop to watch some DVD’s?  I hate that.

Finally, I just don’t think I can survive offline that long.  I really hate that.

It seems I am one of those people.

One Comment on “Becoming the People I Hate

  1. There's nothing wrong with anything you've written. There's no need to be bored while you're travelling…utter_something

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