Deck the Halls, by Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark

Book 69 – 60 Book Challenge 2013, Book 3 of The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge

The mother and daughter mystery writers took two of their sleuths and wrote them into a story together.  It was a Christmas kidnapping.  The director of a chain of funeral homes is held for ransom, along with one of his staff, by two of the dumbest criminals of all time.

The criminals were so dumb that there was little doubt as to the outcome of the story.  Wait – I suppose there was a bit of tension in the idea that the criminals were so dumb that they’d get our heroes killed by accident.  But the set up was interesting and the red herring was quite charming.

P.S.  Unless the book is a memoir, I am not sure that authors should be the audiobook readers.

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