It started with a surgery that is a story for another day.  Sunday morning, six weeks post op, I went downstairs to let the dogs out and open the bird room as I do every morning.  Suddenly, I felt light-headed and went to sit down on the floor by the kitchen door.  Because I have hypochondriac tendencies, I argue with myself every time I feel sick.  I ran through the things that could be wrong with me.  Pulmonary embolism, a blood clot to the lung, came to mind.  Also, it is not unusual for me to pass out when I have a panic attack.  I blacked out somewhere between the landing on my staircase and my mother’s bedroom door.

Like every other time I have ever passed out, I came to a minute later with my head back on straight so we went about our day.  By mid-morning, at the dog park, I decided that I was getting winded when I really shouldn’t.   Sinuses, I thought.  If I don’t shake it off by morning, I will go to the doctor.  So Monday morning, I went to the doctor.  Who sent me to a Radiology Lab for a Chest CT.  Which called an ambulance and sent me to the ER.

Two blood clots on my lungs.  And some strain to my heart trying to push them through.

After calling my mother and my boss, I messaged my friend T who went through it a year ago.  I asked her to tell me everything she knew.  Her story was close enough to mine to make me feel better pretty quickly – she is fine now.  (Thank you, T.) This seems to fall into the category of Serious and Freakin’ Scary, but Fixable.

So – three nights in the hospital to monitor and start building up blood thinners in my system.  My heart rate, oxygen and temp were normal the entire time.  I was discharged today, I see my PCP tomorrow and might get back to work as soon as next week.  I have several months of “therapeutic meds” in my future, but there doesn’t seem to be any permanent damage.  I daresay I was pretty lucky.

3 Comments on “Diagnosis

  1. I’m so glad to hear you are on the mend. That is very scary. Get lots of rest and be easy on yourself.

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