Boston and the Freedom Trail

I arrived on Friday, in the last hours of the manhunt for Suspect #2.  Kristin picked me up at the airport and we spent some time with her parents before heading up to her home in New Hampshire.  Saturday, as Boston tried to return to “normal” we decided to hike the Freedom Trail.  Up North, it starts at the Bunker Hill monument and snakes around the historic sites until you get to Boston Common.  There is an actual red line in the road – sometimes brick and sometimes painted – that you can follow so that you aren’t continually looking at a map.  We actually started at the USS Constitution Museum, made our way down to Boston Common, took the T up to Bunker Hill and then back down to the car.  The parking was easier that way.  So.  The pictures.  Please note, MOM, that the North Church is in the background of the Revere statue.

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