Up Jumps the Devil, by Margaret Maron

Book 7

Maron continues with the continuing sub-theme of the development of rural and coastal areas of the South.  In this case, the land is too close for comfort.  One of Deborah’s brothers, who is a techie living in California, was offered an obscene amount of money for his small plot of strategically located land on the family homestead.  Then there are a series of murders that seem to be related.

The first is solved instantly.  The others are a slow burn.  Also, this was the second time where members of the Knott family have motives for any given crime. At one point, I stopped reading and tried to figure it out.  And I am happy to tell you that I did.  It is not that it was so obvious, but I am finally learning the mystery writer game.

In other plot developments, Deborah is still a district court judge, which brings in some good scenes.  She is still seeing the game warden guy and we are introduced to the secret annulled husband.  (Insert eye roll here.)  Overall, I continue to enjoy the series.

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