Blankets 1 – 8 2013

I am going to be out of town for the first Project Linus blanket day of the year, so I am posting my stuff now.  I think I finished 91 blankets in 2012 – a whole lot of these crochet-edged fleece blankets and a few fully crocheted.  But for now:

1 - 4 2013


Fiona wanted to be a part of this picture, which is my excuse for the bad lighting.  On the far left is a jungle-themed fleece edged in Caron Soft yarn in a green color that I think was called Limelight.  Next is Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh edged in the same yarn.  Third is, I think, a Boyd bear fleece edged in Vanna White’s pink baby yarn.  And finally we have the neon guitars edged in a bright pink from I forget where.

Back to the Disney themes:

5 - 8 2013


On the far right is the Little Mermaid.  The yarn was from Penny’s stash and I have no idea what it was.  But it matched.  Next is a baby Snoopy that you can’t see on the fleece edged in Caron Soft in lavender.  Next to that is a Nemo fleece edged in Red Heart’s turqua yarn.  And finally, the grey fleece with the embroidered doggy pattern is edged in Red Heart’s Cherry yarn.

Not  a bad start.

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