A Vampire Christmas Carol, by Sarah Gray

Book 67 of 50 Book Challenge, Book 6 of Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge

Is there a name for this genre yet?  The taking of a classic story and retelling it with a supernatural element?  I actually hadn’t read any of them, unless you count Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.  But when you put vampires to it..

The premise of A Vampire Christmas Carol is that a prophesy says Scrooge is to be the father of the greatest of all vampire hunters.  So the vampire queen starts screwing with him from the moment of his birth.  Let his mother bleed to death in childbirth so that his father would blame him.  Found him a wet nurse that would slip him a drop of blood every once in a while.  And so on throughout school and his apprenticeship and so on.  The fiancee, Belle, grows to be a leader among the vampire hunters who always knew that Scrooge was surrounded by bad guys and never gave up on him.  It was Belle who called out to the spirits and sent Marley to Scrooge that Christmas Eve.

The spirits show Scrooge all of the familiar scenes, which now include how the vampires were always present and manipulating his life.  Example:  a school boy had planned to ask Scrooge to come home with him for Christmas.  Then the schoolmaster – a total vampire minion – threatened his life.  Scrooge did not get the invitation and the friend did not return to school after that particular vacation.

The ending is tied up a bit too neatly, but that is rather true of the original.

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