Christmas Reading Challenge

I am several posts behind, including three Charlaine Harris books, and one about a cupcake truck in the suburbs!  But I want to sign up for The True Book Addict’s Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge, so I need to skip ahead a bit.

I have four books ready to go:


Christmas in Plains, by Jimmy Carter

Star Bright!, by Andrew M. Greeley

The Queen’s Christmas, by Karen Harper

Silent Night, by Mary Higgins Clark


And that is before I check out what they have going on at the library.  Also, I picked up a lovely illustrated copy of A Christmas Carol, so I just might read it again this year.  Oh!  And I have that compilation that Caroline Kennedy did.

I need to finish up these Aurora Teagarden books – ought to have that done this weekend.  After that..on to Christmas!

One Comment on “Christmas Reading Challenge

  1. Welcome to the challenge! I’m glad you took time out to sign up. Looks like you have a great list lined up. I also need to pull out my copy of Caroline Kennedy’s book this year. I almost forgot all about it!

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