A Bone to Pick, by Charlaine Harris

Book 54

The second book in the Aurora Teagarden series is my least favorite from Harris so far.

It starts out pretty well – Roe inherits the estate of a friend from the Real Murders club. An old lady named Jane who died of natural causes.  Roe hadn’t thought they were that close.  Interesting.

She heads out to her new house and found someone has broken in to it.  Nothing appears to have been stolen, but the place is a mess as though someone has been searching for something.  Fast forward and Roe finds a skull.  Hm.  Miss Jane had a secret.  And expects Roe to find it.

Fast forward some more and the rest of the body is discovered.

Real Murders had a long and interesting list of suspects, and a sense of danger that this one lacks.  I can’t say that I guessed whodunnit, but I wasn’t really all that interested.  The last few chapters seem rushed and the climax of the story is utterly ridiculous (and not very climactic).  In fact, I’d say the most intense moment in the entire book is when Roe’s fabulous mother (described as a Lauren Bacall type, but I see as played by a younger Shirley MacClaine) drags her to the bathroom at a dinner party for a confrontation over the skull.  Which Roe hid in her mother’s linen closet.  Seriously.

I am inclined to drop this series and move on to Harris’ other one, but I already checked out the next book from the library.  So I will hope for better things.

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