Home, by Marilynne Robinson

Book 39

Marilynne Robinson won the Pulitzer for Gilead, a novel about the life of a small town minister.  Home is about the family of his neighbor, another minister.  There is a prodigal son returning and a daughter that is afraid she will never leave and a dying old man with a heart full of love and kindness who has a lot of regrets.

Seriously, if a guy can live such a life – big family, called to service, happy marriage, all virtuous and stuff – and still feel so much regret then I am totally doomed.

We have the themes of kindness and redemption.  Certainly judgement.  But the big thing is that it is really hard to understand other people’s demons.

I didn’t love this the way I loved Gilead.  It is a little bit too Lifetime Movie.  The character of Glory is a little bit too good/kind/forgiving and a little bit too weepy for me to take seriously.  But the crossover of the characters makes me want to re-read Gilead and pay particular attention to Jack.  Maybe it will come together better that way.

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