Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

My trip to Alaska was only in Anchorage – I didn’t get up to Denali and I didn’t take a cruise.  But not the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is not far away and it is awesome.  Which is a good thing because I ended up going there twice – Jill and I stopped out there on our way to Seward on our free day not realizing that it was part of the group tour.

Some of the animals there are injured.  Some are orphaned.  Some are part of a project to build up herds of endangered animals.  Some will be released and some are here for life.

Behold the moose:

And really, behold the power of technology, because cropping to get the close-up shot has gotten a whole lot better.  See those trees back there?  They died in the earthquake of 1964.  Some combination of the ground dropping and the salt water tsunami rolling in.  I saw a lot of those trees last week and I always stopped to stare at them.

On to the eagle:

This one has a broken wing and will live out his or her life at the center.  I actually saw one eagle in the wild.  Would’ve missed it, except another tourist had stopped his car and was pointing a camera right at it.

This was as close to any bears as I got:

Pretty close, but didn’t see any in the wild.

And finally, the mama reindeer and the baby.  There were plenty of mamas and babies:

Oh, wait.I forgot the baby muskoxes:

The babies are always cute.  If I lived in Alaska, I would totally be a member of this place.

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