Evolution of Sigmund in Pictures

I’ve been posting pics of Sigmund on Facebook recently and my friends at the Refuge all marvel at how great he looks.  I thought it was worth going back to take a look:

When he first came to my house as a foster – May 2010.

April of 2011, two months before we adopted Gibbs as a 10-week old puppy (and attempted to foster him with another Refuge volunteer who did absolutely nothing wrong while taking care of him).  He spent the rest of last summer chewing off his feathers in protest (at least he wasn’t plucking them).  I couldn’t being myself to take pictures.

February of 2012.  This is around the time that I formally adopted him.

A week or so ago, when he wanted to come outside.

This evening, with the first corn-on-the-cob of the season.

If being fully feathered is the evidence of a happy Sigmund, I think we are getting there.

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