New Routine

I spent a whole lot of time in my backyard last summer.  Housetraining a puppy.  Seriously, I have never spent so much time in the backyard before.  I kinda liked it.

So when the weather warmed up, I started heading out back with the dogs after work.  (It also helps to get the birds some Out Time while Fiona is otherwise occupied.)  They do their business and Fiona goes to work patrolling the yard and Gibbs and I play frisbee.

These..leafy bushes..are his favorite.  Last summer, he would tear around the yard and then dive into those bushes and shred them all up.  We said that was where his imaginary friend lived.

Fiona occasionally comes back to check on me.

Eventually, one or the other dog will decide that it is dinner time, so we go inside.  That’s the new summer routine.



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