New Collars

Thursday afternoon, I parked my car and went in to Doggie Do Rite to renew my package for the dogs.  I spoke briefly with Kelly, who said that Fiona plays with Gibbs and has made a couple of other friends.  But she may not every be the little social butterfly that Gibbs is.  That is fine with me.

I stepped outside to wait for the dogs to be brought out.  Another lady had pulled up and popped the hatch on her car, waiting for her dogs.  Gibbs and Fiona came out.

Gibbs went barky-crazy at her, slipped his collar and jumped into her car.  And do you know what Fiona did?  Do you know what Fiona did?!

She jumped in with him.

I ordered the dogs out of the car and over to my car.  Didn’t even bother trying to put Gibbs collar back on – he jumped right in.  I could hear the staff laughing and I cannot recall the last time I was so embarrassed.

I had been thinking about new collars, anyway, because the ones with the plastic clasp seem like they could pop pretty easily with the way my dogs wrestle.  (In fact, I suspect that Gibbs was able to slip his collar because Fiona had loosened it with all of the grabbing and pulling that she does.) So I took both dogs to Wags on Willow to see what we could find.

I went with this one from Kiss My Mutt:

It is made out of “durable nylon cording” and the braiding gives me lots of options for sizing.  They didn’t have any red ones, so I had to go with the blue for Gibbs.  I found a green one for Fiona.  We went home and put them on.  They look charming, and latched easily, but I am a bit worried that they won’t stand up to all of the rough play in my house.  We shall see.

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