Fiona Update

While I was out of town, Fiona went to Doggie Do Rite with Gibbs two times.  The report is that she doesn’t seem stressed out, and she isn’t causing trouble, but she isn’t really playing with the other dogs the way Gibbs does.

She sure plays with Gibbs, though.

She only wants to play with toys when Gibbs has them.  First it was just tennis balls.  Then she graduated to stuffed toys a in the previous Tug o’ War pic.  Then the bones.  And my mother said that while I was out of town, she had to let them outside one at a time to do their business or they would just start wrestling.

She is still very focused on her job as a herding dog.  She cannot seem to relax when the birds are out, and we have to keep her on a leash for those couple of hours.  She is also completely obsessed with a tree in the neighbors’ yard – the squirrels live there.

But she is doing better with “Come” and “Wait” and “Go to your place”.  I just tried the “coupler”, the tool that links two dogs up to one leash for walking.  She figured it out right away.  Gibbs needs some practice.

She didn’t have any trouble with the storm last night.  This is a relief since our last two were storm-phobic.

I guess we can call this progress.


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