At One Year

Gibbs, you will remember, was adopted as a 10-week old puppy.  It was nine days from the time we lost our old, sweet Shadow to the day we called Wright Way Rescue about Gibbs.  I am having a hard time finding his official rescue baby pic, but this was his first official camera phone portrait:

He continues to be very high energy.  And while he is very much a pack animal – both at home and at Doggie Do Rite – he remains anxious in new places and with new people.  His response to anxiety is the barking.

OMG with the barking.

So far, he and Fiona are good together.  Last weekend, when my brother came to visit with the kids, Gibbs was still barky, but less so.  He went to the front window and sat in his chair.  After a while he came to sit with me on the couch, letting Fiona soak up all of the Stranger Attention.

And when Fiona goes off “working” and won’t come inside, (or upstairs, or wherever the people are) he generally sticks with the people and avoids escalating the drama.  He doesn’t love drama.

The longer I have dogs, the stronger my feeling that we end up with the dogs we deserve.  Gibbs is slightly neurotic and it is impossible to shut him up.  But boy is he good with his pack.

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