Cabin Fever

It has rained for close to 48 hours straight.  On the north side of Kauai, they have literally evacuated people to a Red Cross shelter and there was at least one school closed.  Roads are out and the flash flood warning – extended twice – is set to expire in 30 minutes.

I had cabin fever around noon and had to remove myself anyway so that housekeeping could take care of my room.  I snapped this before leaving:

This standing water doesn’t begin to show what we have here.  Anyway.

I thought about walking, but changed my mind by the time I reached the parking lot.  I didn’t even make it to the campus entrance before I saw water so deep that I didn’t dare take it on in a rental.  I parked the car and walked in the other direction – to the marketplace.  A few stores were open, but I was the last person served in the last restaurant open before the locals headed home.  Walking back, the wind was so bad that my umbrella was wrecked and my clothes still soaked through.

So.  Things that happen at an island resort when it is rained out:

  1. “Cancelled” signs all over the lobby.
  2. Movie showing in the rec room.
  3. Multiple games of Bridge.
  4. People in the hot tub with umbrellas over their heads.
  5. We all reconsider the wisdom of Open Air lobbies and walkways.

Seriously, there is water in the hallways – on the floor and leaking from the ceilings.

The good news is that I finished The Winds of War on DVD – more on that later.  And now we have thunder again.  Moral of the story is always bring enough entertainment.

I head home tomorrow afternoon.  There just might be enough time to see the Fern Grotto tomorrow morning.  If it clears up.

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