The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell

Book 7

I seem be the last person on Earth to read this book.  It is pretty good if you like the sociological study books.  Gladwell does his homework on what he calls, “social epidemics”.  I would call it what makes stuff go viral.

He talks about three things:  the people that spread the word, the things that make a message stick and the context of the message.

My favorite story was about the creators or Sesame Street, and how they made learning stick with young children by keeping their attention.  And then.  30+ years later the creators of Blues Clues did it even better.  They statistically proved that kids watching Blues Clues retained more information.

Gladwell also did an interesting experiment.  He took random groups and read 250 random last names out of a phone book and has the people count how many people they knew with those names.  If you know ten people of the same name, even if they are related, you count them all.  The ranges were pretty big and the people that had numbers over 100 were serious networkers.  The people that enjoy networking.  Then he talked about how those people spread the word on lots of stuff.

Gladwell writes a good book – and he read the audio book.  But I need some fiction now.

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