Gibbs at Ten Months

I seem to have skipped the nine month update..

In the last couple of months, Gibbs has battled a UTI that wouldn’t go away and a parasite.  Downside of running around getting into trouble.

He is a big hit a doggie day care.  Did you see this picture?

Jumping on his best friend, Dallas.  Kelly told me, the last time the two were together on the same day, that they start running the second they see each other.  I am most grateful for this pic, because the only time I can get a decent photograph of this dog is when he is sleeping.

I have tons of those.

In other awesome news, Gibbs is participating in temperament testing new dogs hoping to join the pack.  Apparently, he likes to play with everyone.  People on the other hand…

We are still having trouble with strangers, particularly visitors in the house.  At the vet’s office, he does some barking before the vet techs pay him special attention.  Then he starts to settle down.  He has not gotten used to having kids at home.  Last weekend, when we had Alex, Gibbs barked a lot and mostly stayed by himself in a chair in the living room.  Disappointing.

We have moved on to trying some new tricks.  He doesn’t like balancing stuff on his head.  My mother say that is because balancing stuff on your head is stupid.  Roll over is equally troublesome.  I need to find some new material.

January had my first long trip out of town and Gibbs did fine – behaved well enough sleeping in my mother’s room.  I think we are almost done with the puppiness!


2 Comments on “Gibbs at Ten Months

    • We’ve been wondering that. His weight has leveled off a bit at 37 or 38 pounds, and he seems tall for that weight. I don’t think he is done.

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