Holiday Reading Challenges

I trust Miss Busy to find the good Holiday Reading Challenges and these are the two she picked:

Christmas in July in December doesn’t officially start until December 1, but since I am still finishing up Travels with My Aunt, I think I will be ok.

Then there is The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge.  Technically, this has already started, but I am pretty sure I can catch up.

I have scrounged a bit and come up with a list:

  1. A Christmas Secret, by Anne Perry
  2. In the Dark Streets Shineth, by David McCullough
  3. Christmas in Plains, by Jimmy Carter
  4. The Fat Man: A Tale of North Pole Noir, by Ken Harmon
  5. The Autobiography of Santa Claus, as told to Jeff Guinn
And if I finish these in time, I shall be reading A Christmas Carol again.

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