Adopt-a-Pet, Inc.

On Sunday, Morton Grove Animal Hospital hosted an event for Adopt-a-Pet: Holiday Pet Photos.  The office isn’t terribly far from my house, and Dr. B is a Crowdrise buddy, so I took Gibbs over for a portrait with Santa Claus.

Hi, my name is Anne and I just paid $10 for my dog to have his picture taken with Santa Claus.

For charity, people.

I actually took Gibbs to the dog park before heading over.  I somehow thought that if he was tired, he would cooperate better.  Ha.

They had two options – snapshot that you could take with you or digital to be e-mailed at a later date and you better believe I took the digital.  They also had a “paw print painting” holiday card thing, but that might have been more than Gibbs could stand.

I am happy to report that Gibbs was perfectly pleasant to everyone that he saw – except perhaps that one lady that eyed him suspiciously as her 10 pound darling walked by us.  He might have barked.  Then it was over.  I am thinking he just didn’t understand the concept of a dog wearing a sweater.

He was less than pleased with the photo session and barely stopped squirming long enough to snap the shots.  Luckily, the photographer had an awesome camera and is certain that he got what he needed.  Santa was very patient (there were Hanukkah options also) and the other volunteer had squeaky props to get the dog’s attention.  I don’t have the pictures back yet, but it felt pretty professional to me.

Adopt-a-Pet also had fresh baked dog biscuits for sale and we went home with a small bag of those.  Gibbs likes pumpkin cookies.

So why am I posting about this when I don’t even have a picture?  Because Adopt-a-Pet has one more such event scheduled:

When:   Saturday, Dec. 3, 10:00-2:00
Where:  Wiggly Tails Doggie Daycare
Address:  1915 Holste Rd, Northbrook
Photographer:   Kelly Fitzgerald
Reservations:   847-272-4141 
Morton Grove Animal Hospital also has a Crowdrise project to support Adopt-a-Pet.  The group’s next volunteer orientation happens to be at Glenview’s library on December 3 at 1pm.  And oh, do they have the cutest black cocker spaniel available for adoption.

2 Comments on “Adopt-a-Pet, Inc.

  1. I wonder what the other options are. I am pretty sure my cats are either Wiccans or Buddhists. I can't really drag them into the vet to get shots, so hard to imagine them sitting nicely on Santa's lap.

  2. I thought about my cat, because that would be even funnier. There weren't any cats when I was there, though.He would probably sit still for Santa, but might have killed a dog in the waiting room.

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