At Six Months

We almost have Gibbs into a routine.  He is going to camp three days a week, which means that three days a week he is too tired to cause any trouble at all.  He is still barking too much for me to be comfortable taking him out in public for real, and he has no leash manners.  But I just picked up a pass to Glenview’s dog park, the Community Bark West.

I didn’t name it, folks.

I know that he is perfectly socialized with other dogs, and am hoping that he will start to get used to seeing strangers, while he is playing with the other dogs.

He still isn’t used to the football thing.  This is where he spent half of the first quarter:

I wasn’t about to tell him not to soak up the sun while he still can.  He doesn’t know what winter is yet.

Besides that, Game Day is a great big danger zone for the potty accidents.  Because he still isn’t very good at telling me that he needs to go outside.  And I can’t stop to ask him every ten minutes.   Not when Matt Forte could light it up on any given play.

No accidents yesterday.  Although Gibbs slobbered up half a bowl of water and promptly vomited up his lunch.

Puppies.  When do they outgrow that nonsense?

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