About Trio and Vitriol

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the Trio Animal Foundation, a group that raises funds to help homeless animals get the medical care they need.   A week or so thereafter, I received a rather scathing comment about how terrible they are, how I should research before endorsing such a group, and it is a sad day when Trio gets such support.  The comment referenced Trio exaggerating the circumstances under which a dog was taken into the program – a situation which Trio has already addressed on its Facebook page.  It is pretty detailed, so I won’t copy it here, but the entry is dated August 26 and it is good enough for me.
Also, the commenter wanted to “educate” me on how animals can be fearful.
The rest of the complaints seemed to me like the petty political things that sometimes happen in/between/among rescue groups.  Or any non-profit.  Or business. Or neighborhood barbecue..when everyone has a better idea of how things should be done.
I considered responding. I thought it over for a couple of days and decided against it for a few reasons:
First, there were no facts and references.  There weren’t even allegations that the group wasn’t spending the donations received on the care for the animals – which is what I care about most.
Second, it was mean spirited.  I wasn’t about to debate with someone engaging in what seemed to be a personal attack.  I am not a representative of Trio – I simply posted on my personal blog that I like their work.
Finally, it was Anonymous.
At the same time, I didn’t want a mean-spirited comment sitting on my blog, so I deleted it.
So you can guess what happeneAnonymous has left a new comment on your post “Trio Animal Foundation“: 
wow, so you think if you delete my comment it will not matter, just more proving you are not intellectual or wanting to help animals. do the research, trio has sponsered a dog name geiger who the president of trio adopeted but not long ago the same asked for extra donations to get help for the dog even when it was a dog in her care. Frank, it is neyond shafy you keep this post up on the mist questionable animal “nonprofit” agency in chicago. Your opinion should come with a warning about not being helpful just like trio’s. Seriously do actual resarch before you give horrible organixations like this adverisement

So here is my response:

Dear Anonymous:
Your opinion should come with your name.   And spell check.
P.S.  I have set up a project on Crowdrise to support Trio’s work.  Here is the link.

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