Blankets 44, 45 and 46

When I had that marathon session of finishing that audio book, I did three fleece blankets:

That splatter paint looking pattern is really flowers.  With Lion Brand Pound of Love Yarn in white, which I am thinking I will avoid buying again because it has a tendency to get really tangled and I can’t stand unknotting yarn.

This is a Strawberry Shortcake pattern that I believe was on clearance at Hancock Fabric.  My friend Jenny wouldn’t like it because she prefers the Old School Strawberry Shortcake with the bonnet.  I like it because I found a use for that one skein of yarn that was on clearance at Michael’s.  I think it was called Deep Rose.

And this was a random piece from Penny’s stash with the same white yarn.  It was a really small fleece, only suitable for a toddler.  But Alex was a sports fan as a toddler, so I am sure it’ll fly.

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