Blanket 37

I’d been doing so many Penny Blankets that I forgot how very long it takes to crochet a full one:

The variegated yarn in the center is Red Heart Soft in Plummy.  Yarn colors are starting to sound like nail polish colors these days.  The solid is Red Heart Soft in Lilac.

It was three skeins of variegated, then I did one skein around each side, finishing with two rows of the variegated.

2 Comments on “Blanket 37

  1. Thanks! It is sort of a pattern that I made up to account for my weaknesses:First, single crochet only. Second, I cannot be bothered to count rows. Third, I might count stitches every once in awhile, to confirm that I haven't dropped any, so I don't want rows of 300.

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