Ghosts of Dogs Past

My entire house looks like this:

This is nothing new.  As I’ve mentioned, we’ve had a lot of dogs in my family.  When my friend Austin suggested that Gibbs has been playing with Ghosts of Dogs Past in my house, we started making the comparisons:

1.   Dallas – My late great German Shepard was crazy fast.  She drank her water loudly and messily.  After a nap, she stretched and yawned quite dramatically – sticking out an impossibly long tongue.   She was also far more affectionate than she appeared.  She could have been Gibbs mother:

2.  Earlier this evening, I gave Gibbs a frozen Kong treat.  So I could eat a cup of ice cream.  He finished his treat and jumped up on my bed, wagging his tail and staring.  No dice, dog.  
He barked at me for not sharing.  Bailey the Cocker Spaniel used to do that.   I have not scanned any pictures from 1985, so you are out of luck.  But he looked absolutely nothing like Gibbs.
3.  Right now, he is sacked out in the hallway outside my bedroom.  My bedroom is at the end of the upstairs hallway.  He can see anyone coming or going from any of the other second floor rooms, or anyone going up or down the stairs.  Shadow used to do the same thing.  Let’s compare puppy pics.  This is Shadow, late 1997:

And this is Gibbs, the weekend we adopted him:

I seem to recall he tripped over his own feet, trying to runrunrun.   Look at those ears.  He’s starting to grow into them.

Knock on something, but the potty training is going better.  He is cultivating a Big Boy Bark.  He has had all but the rabies shot, so I started taking him on walks up and down my street.  Mixed results.  He doesn’t like the feeling of morning dew under his little toes.

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