Standing with the Women of South Sudan

Earlier this year, I began sponsoring a lady in Kosovo through Women for Women International, an organization that offers educational programs and other support to women living in war torn regions.  I am pretty new to the program, so I don’t have much to say about it yet, but I feel the need to talk about something they are doing for South Sudan.

Sudan is one of the countries they in which they worked, anyway.  Now they are reaching out to sponsors and others in the community to send messages of support to women of South Sudan.  This is a video they produced a while back:

Well.  Sending a message via the Internet seems the very least I can do.  This is what I said:
“I congratulate the women of South Sudan for daring to envision a bright new future for their country. It had to take a lot of courage to make it happen.  I imagine the road ahead will be difficult, but I know that together you can pave the way for generations to come.  My thoughts are with you.”
If you are interested in getting involved in this small way, Women for Women International has a page set up here.  On that page, there are also links to “Trusted News Sources” for updates on the region.

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