Weekend in Review

Last Friday, I took Alex and Ainslie to the library.  I pushed Ainslie in the stroller and Alex rode his scooter.    He lost his control going down a hill and wiped out.  He knew he was going to wipe out and managed to angle himself onto the grass so as not to hurt himself.  But Ainslie saw him take the fall and shouted:

“OK, Alex!!  We’re coming!”  Which was really cute.  OK, shut up.

In better Alex news, after we had lunch at Noodles, where he ordered Not Macaroni and Cheese again, we went for ice cream.  He tried pistachio ice cream.  And liked it.

Saturday, I attended my third Project Linus Blanket Day.  Again, all of the ladies were very nice to me even though I have next to no skills and am not particularly interested in learning anything fancy.  And for the third Project Linus Blanket Day, someone commented on the weirdo way that I hold a crochet hook.  I was mentally sighing, and getting ready to explain for the 80th time that between being left handed, having little ambition in my crafting and my mommy never teaching me anything... another lady jumped in:

“Everyone does it differently.”

Which sort of shut down the discussion, and I appreciated it.

I came home to the first doggie vomiting incident of the Gibbs era.  It involved his lunch, sticks and dirt.  The incident threw off his eating and thus his potty schedule until just now.

In other news, he has outgrown his puppy crate and can jump up onto my bed.

I am exhausted.

But that has given me and excuse to dive right in to season three of True Blood, which I am finding awesome.  I still have to fast forward through scenes of torture, which are that much more dramatic when it is vampire torture.  More on that later.

Finally, I am still trying to knock out the sinusitis that came on while I was in Vegas – I haven’t stopped coughing in two weeks.  

That about sums up why I haven’t been online much lately.

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