Blankets 27 and 28

I have several posts churning in my head, but little time to post them, so for now, you are stuck with another blanket post.

With the fleece blankets, there are three ways to fancy them up:

  1. Awesome print
  2. Creative stitching
  3. Interesting yarn
As creative stitching is not an option for me, I generally go for a great print:
I’ve bought four of these for Project Linus and managed to snag this one back in the “prepared fleece swap”.  Loops & Threads yarn from Michael’s – leftover from a previous project.  Three rows of single crochet.
Then I found some solid color pieces of fleece in my pile.  So I broke my rule and bought yarn just for a fleece blanket.
This is from Red Heart Yarn’s Kids line.  I think “Kids Line” is just another way to charge more for yarn, but I had 40% off, so whatever.  This was called “Dandy Candy”.
I think the end justified the means here.
Due to the Puppy Schedule, I will be taking a day off on what happens to be a Project Linus Fleece Doctoring Day, so I will be able to see how it is all done.  If not be of any practical use.
Another thing I recently learned is that Joann Fabrics, takes competitor coupons.  I have been spending way more money there lately than at Michael’s.  
I am going to take some more yarn on the road and see what I can get done.

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