Blankets 24 & 25

I managed to do these in DC while watching the rest of that course on Academic Earth.  Finally.

When I came home, the newsletter from my chapter of Project Linus was waiting for me.  It had a note that we donated 50 blankets to kids in Joplin, Missouri.  I appreciated that.

Both the fleece and the yarn for these blankets were from Penny’s stash.  The yarn was K-Mart’s house brand, which had to have been ancient, but worked really well.  I forget what the color was called.  I did three rows around the purple one and two around the blue and white.  I was afraid I would run out of yarn before finishing a third round.

But that reminds me:  Penny also had a note in the newsletter that the stitcher-type ladies made, collected or finished 70 blankets at last month’s Starbucks Night.  Normally, there are about 30 – so that rocks, too.

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