Double (or Triple) the Linus

I have had two Project Linus events this week, with a third coming up on Tuesday.

Wednesday, after a horrid night at the Refuge (we lost a cockatoo), I ran home and changed so as to head over to Starbucks for the monthly gathering of crocheters (is that even a word?).  This gathering serves two purposes for me:

  1. Hang out with a very nice group of ladies that encourage whatever small shred of the crafty I possess.
  2. Swap the pieces of fleece that I have gathered over the last month for the “prepared fleece” – pieces that are already cut and hole-punched so as to be ready to stitch.
So I started on one project, then dropped it to prepare labels for the completed blankets.  We were going to need the stash for Saturday.
For the second month in a row, I came home with more fleece than I brought with me.  And for the second month in a row, I used that as an excuse to be working on two projects at the same time.
I seriously think those are doughnuts.  If I weren’t doing the edges in pink, I might be inclined to call this The Homer Simpson blanket.  Wait.  Homer Simpson wouldn’t care if his blanket was edged in pink, as long as there were doughnuts involved.
Side Note:  How lazy am I?  I took this pic with my laptop camera, rather than get up off my butt for 30 seconds to find something more suitable.
Yesterday was the official bi-monthly blanket making extravaganza.  This was the second I’d attended, and I forgot to take pictures.  But at the end of the afternoon, there were 750 blankets completed, labelled, packed and ready to deliver.
That was seven hundred and fifty blankets.
Now, many of these are these crochet-edged fleece, which don’t take a whole lot of time to finish.  But there were alo a lot of afghans and quilts floating around.
For those that haven’t heard me say it ten times, the Culver’s restaurant in Buffalo Grove (on McHenry) is hosting a fundraiser for my chapter of Project Linus this coming Tuesday.  Mention Project Linus upon ordering and they will donate 20% of your order.  The Fabulous Miss Penny will have demos, quilt squares for the kids to color and stuff to raffle off.
So.  More to come!

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