BTT- Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

This was the Booking Through Thursday question that I couldn’t answer last night because I needed to run around my own books before making a final decision:

If you could see one book turned into the perfect movie–one that would capture everything you love, the characters, the look, the feel, the story–what book would you choose?

After debating with myself for over 24 hours, I have come up with a Top 3. But first, I must Side Note one of the debates, because it will amuse my mother:

Self 1:  Rhett Butler’s People
Self 2:  That’s asinine. That wasn’t even a Great Book. It was a (Qualified) Good Book.
Self 1:  Don’t care. The question read “one book turned into the perfect movie”. It didn’t say “Great Book”, but it did say “perfect movie”. “Perfect movie” would involve Clark Gable reprising the role of Rhett Butler, and there isn’t anything under Heaven I would rather see on screen.
Self 2:  Dude, Gable’s been….
Self 1:  Shut. Up. It said “perfect movie”. As in Dreamland! As in Any Actor I Want!

    So. Here is where I landed.
  1. Wicked.  Not the musical.  The actual plot of the actual book with the sad, scary Land of Oz and the politics and the Animals and the psychological profile of the villain.  I have heard rumors that someone is going to try it.  And I suppose that if Peter Jackson could do LOTR, someone might do Wicked.  But that Perfect Movie might be better in my head.
  2. The Vampire Lestat.  Yeah, yeah.  Forget the Tom Cruise movie for a minute.  First, The Vampire Lestat was a better book than Interview with the Vampire.  The reason it was never made into a movie is Hollywood used its one brain cell and determined it was impossible.  It is epic.  I can’t conceive of the cast to do it.  I can’t imagine how one would harness the scope of it.  But if that Perfect Movie could be made, I would be in my Vampire Costume for the midnight premiere, Baby.
  3. Devil in the White City, by Erik Larson is my non-fiction pick.  (I hear Spielberg is doing Team of Rivals, and I am not ready to talk about that, yet.)  Chicago, 1893, World’s Fair, serial killer.  This movie can be done and I can’t imagine why no one has tried.

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