The Shack, by William P. Young 23

I somehow missed that The Shack was a huge bestseller of the spiritual journey variety.  “Over one million copies in print.”

I read a few of the reviews on Librarything, and it seems to me that readers judge the book based on how close Young gets to their own theology.  The Catholic really didn’t like it.

The premise is that a guy whose young daughter was murdered receives a note in his mailbox, presumably from God, inviting him to meet up at the cabin in the woods where the daughter was killed.

This book is one guy’s imagining of how God might show up an answer some questions and show the way back to a life filled with more love and less judgement.  While I found the narrative rather affected, and heavy-handed, it wasn’t a bad imagining.

The one theme I found objectionable was that God continually repeated that people looking for “independence” were delusional and living in the matrix.  Actually said, “the matrix”.

The best line was, “Mack wasn’t sure what ‘made it from scratch’ meant when God was saying it.”

Apparently, God likes to cook.  OK, then.

I am glad that I read this, but it didn’t exactly change my life.

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