The Poe Shadow, by Matthew Pearl

The Poe Shadow is the second book by Matthew Pearl, who wrote the fabulous The Dante Club.  It has been on my bookshelf for about ever, and I checked out the audio version from the library.
The premise is that Edgar Allen Poe died mysteriously and the narrator .. more than a fan, less than a not satisfied with the lame investigation of the circumstances.
The story is fine and there is an interesting cast of characters.  But at the end of the day, I just didn’t buy the main character of Quentin Clark.  His obsession with Poe’s death isn’t explained well and doesn’t make sense to me, as he loses his best friend, his legal practice and his fiancée. 

I had given up on the story by the time our hero landed in jail for a murder that he didn’t commit.  So when it became a drama about overturning the will and international espionage, I was rather nonplussed.  Thus, as it finally came to the “solution” to the mystery, I can only say I found it anti-climactic.
I am hopeful this was just a sophomore slump.

2 Comments on “The Poe Shadow, by Matthew Pearl

  1. Hi Anne:I'm so glad you posted about Matthew Pearl. He is such a nice person. When my bookclub (just 4 of us) read "The Dante Club," he took us on a tour of the Longfellow house. Since then, he has always been so kind. I would definitely give hime another chance. "The Last Dickens" was wonderful!I love reading your blog!Take care,Kristin

  2. Thanks. The Last Dickens is on my shelf already. I even have the reissued Inferno that he introduced!

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