Winter Vacation: Day 2

This was my tooling around doing nothing day, as Tammy and Holly are flying in as we speak.  I was up before dawn and sat around reading a magazine and the Blackberry for a few hours before heading out to get.  My.  Papaya.

I am sorry to throw a consumer rant in here, but it has to be done.  I am not much of a sandals person. I just wear gym shoes when I am really going to be walking.  But it is so nice outside that I went into The Walking Company at the shopping center up the street and dropped $50 on a pair of slides that the lady had confirmed she tried herself and it was “like walking on air”.  I had blisters all over my feet in two hours.  FAIL.

I had lunch in a little tapas cafe.  As I started to eat my pasta and pitas and hummus and Tahitian limeade it hit me:  I ate here last year and had ordered the exact same thing.

And here is How Spoiled I Am.  There was too much noise in the open air lobby where I like to read (Note to the Marriott – if you put the free wi-fi in the sleeping rooms, the working people might not sit outside and tick us all off with their cell phones.  You lost my bar bill, anyway.) so I went back to my room.  Housekeeping was there.  So I checked Tammy and Holly into their room and sat on their balcony for half an hour.  Then I felt bad and went to the little grocery and bought them water and banana bread.

I have taken no pictures today, as I barely set foot off property.  But I have two more magazines down and I a good idea of where to go for Happy Hour.

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