So you all know what a pain it is to medicate animals.  My mother has to find new ways to hide pills from Shadow every day.  Canned food.  Peanut butter sandwiches.  Cheese.  Luckily, she remembers the technique from back in the 80’s when everyone just shoved the pill down the dog’s throat.  Kiwi the Grey and Spooky the Cat have to be force fed with the syringe.

There is a holistic serum-like thing the Refuge has been using on feather-picking birds.  We’ve been pretty pleased with the results, and thinking it might be worth trying on Sigmund the Foster Grey.  The problem is there isn’t a food that is conducive to holding the liquid that we can trust him to eat consistently.

On a lark, I bought some mini-pancakes last weekend.  I saw them in the freezer section and remembered one volunteer saying that is how she gets her bird to take meds.  I nuked one last night and gave him a piece.

Chowed.  Right. Down.

So I picked up the meds tonight, used a syringe to infuse the pancake and gave him a piece.  Chowed down again.  This is only night two, but I am very encouraged.

Kiwi, of course, won’t have anything to do with them.

One Comment on “Meds

  1. My grandparents use to fight their German shepard at pill time. One day, my grandfather dropped the pill on the ground (after months of forcing him to take it) and the dog ate it off the ground. Go figure!

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