BTT – Brain Candy

The question was:

Do you ever crave reading crappy books?

I presume that “crappy books” means “guilty pleasures” or “brain candy” and so the answer is:

Not for very long, because I will just go ahead and read them. 

My guiltiest pleasure is Dominick Dunne, who was so much fun.  But his novels are speculative gossip crafted into fiction and that just isn’t good for you.  I have two of his novels left on my shelf aong with a book of his early Vanity Fair essays.

Kennedy family biographies.  Luckily, I have Schlesinger’s A Thousand Days on my shelf for the next time that craving hits, so I won’t have to read crap.  Which leads to several other books that I rather consider guilty pleasures, but theoretically have some redeeming value.  Like Star Wars novels.  And Bob Greene, which I would call schmaltz, rather than crap.

I haven’t read any of these in an awfully long time.  Although I did read that last Dan Brown book not too long ago.  I must still be doing penance for that.

And don’t get me started, because I am on the Christmas novels now!

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