She Loves Me, at Writers’ Theatre

I’ve had a rough time at Writers’ Theatre lately, which is the absolute opposite of the way the critics felt and only a matter of my taste.  And getting sprayed by a half-naked Stanley Kowalski.  I was apprensive going into She Loves Me, another musical.

Remember that Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movie – You’ve Got Mail?  It’s based on that.  And did I mention it is a musical?

It opens with your standard cheery “What a beautiful morning” song.  And if you can live through that, it gets pretty good.  All the actors could sing and the characters are generally likeable.  The small orchestra was hidden behind a screen and they were great.

Inasmuch as the standard rom-com is not my favorite genre, I really got into the sub-plot involving the store owner, Mr. Maraczek (played by Writers Theatre veteran Ross Lehman.  I love that guy.).  He goes from friendly to cranky to outright mean..and secretive.  And then the P.I. comes to visit him.  Oh.  Damn.

Overall, it was light and fun and a fine start to the season.

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