Sip Your Slurpee and Think Happy Thoughts

When I was in college, I had a Slurpee-a-Day habit.  The 7-11 was about a mile from my dorm, and right by the Metro, and I walked over there all the time.  Sometimes I brought people with me but mostly I went by myself.  If I was having a bad day, a Slurpee made it better.  If I was having a good day, a Slurpee made it great.  And that was before I discovered putting vodka in my cup. 

Of course, it was not the Slurpee that made the world ok.  It was the getting off campus, putting on the headphones and clearing my head.  But by the time I graduated, I had convinced the entire sixth floor (and some of the seventh) that a Slurpee could fix anything. 

So I was driving home tonight, at the end of a really great weekend.  Even getting a flat tire yesterday didn’t wreck it.  Because by the time help arrived, I had read my car manual and found the hidden tools and the spare and about convinced myself that I could handle it myself if it were really necessary. 

That led to the thought that tomorrow morning I will have to get out the door early so as to drop my car off with my real mechanic so he can patch my real tire and put it back on.  And I will take my mother’s car and drop her off at her office, which will definitely make me late getting in to my own on a day that I don’t have a minute to spare because the seminar starts Wednesday.  And I’ll have to leave early in order to pick her up and get my car and then head to the Library meeting and ohmygod will I even make it home in time for kickoff.

Right that second I came up on the local 7-11.  It used to be a White Hen Pantry and by the time it started carrying Slurpees, I had long since dropped the habit.  I hit the brakes and swerved in.

Which you are not supposed to do while driving on a spare tire.  But it was fine.

And there they were, on the back wall.  I was tentative at first – I didn’t even remember which size cup was right.  I remembered that The Big One is too big.  Then I remembered that you put the lid on first.  Then I remembered to go slow because if the consistency is wrong, it will erupt.  I didn’t get the perfect fill of the dome, but I didn’t spill either. 

I was smiling before I even got up to the counter.

It.  Still.  Works.

I had a great weekend.  And I am going to rock this week.

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