The Downside and the Upside

Today was the official Take the Kids Apple Picking Day.  My brother and I took Alex and Ainslie to Oriole Springs – for the pick-your-own apples – and their neighbor, Harvest Time, to snag some cider doughnuts.  Last year, I stood in line for nearly half an hour to place an order, only to find the wait would be another hour.  We had to skip it.

So.  We got the kids in the car.  It started to rain.  As we arrive, we see the long, long line of cars trying to get in the orchard.  We decided to skip it, and went straight to Harvest Time.  And then the downpour began.  We took refuge in the cider barn, which Alex seemed to enjoy.  We bought some already picked apples from the store.  And I beat the crowd to the doughnut line, thank you very much.

My brother was happy with the thought that we would get back to his house in time for the NIU kickoff.  They played the Fighting Illini today.  We turned on the TV to find that it wasn’t televised.  Network TV had Ohio State and the Big Ten network had Michigan.  I preferred watching Michigan, anyway.  However, that is entirely backwards.

Now I am home.  My laundry is done.  Grocery shopping done.  Applesauce made.  I could potentially take a nap!

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