Back Home I do my official recap from Toronto, I must give a shout out to my little guide book.  I used Frommer’s Toronto 2010, borrowed from my library.

I didn’t check it before booking my hotel, because I am still racking up Marriott points for the next trip to Hawaii.  Which I’d better book soon if I want to use Saver Miles.  But I am happy to say the Courtyard Downtown was listed as Recommended and pretty accurate in its description.

Frommer’s validated my decisions about transportation.  Called out Fran’s, the place where I had dinner three times, on the list of favorite “greasy spoon” restaurants.  And had several mapped out walking tours that I used nearly every day.

The only thing it didn’t have was notes on the tour companies.  I sort of get it – if you have the guide book, why do you need notes on tour companies.  The answer is day trips from the city.  I had more than one candidate for the Niagara Falls trip and the websites were not helping me to decide.  Ultimately, I went with the one recommended by the hotel.  It was good, but I would’ve appreciated some guidance from someone that I knew wasn’t getting a piece of the action.

Oh, the other complaint – the prices listed are already out of date.  From the subway to the museum admission, everything I saw that had a cost listed was inaccurate a mere eight months after publication.  Not a deal breaker, and probably not even their fault, but annoying when it is something they harp on.

Otherwise, an easy and useful tool.

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