Toronto: Day 2

I was never really into the Goth scene, but I can tell that I still have some tendencies because I end up in the original cemetery in every city that I visit. In my defense, the Necropolis (no joke) was actually part of the random “city strolls” in my travel guide.

The “cabbage town” tour started only a few blocks from my hotel, so I headed out early. The first stop was a park where they have a conservatory that wasn’t yet open and two fenced in areas for dogs to play off leash. I found this thrilling until I saw the dogs that were not allowed off leash. Female dogs in heat (ok), unneutered male dogs (hm. I wonder how they pulled that off), dogs that had been required by the courts to be muzzled (ok) and Pit Bulls.


On my way out, I saw a group of people practicing tai chi. Nice.

I walked through the residential neighborhoods and they were gorgeous. Old Victorians. At the end was the Necropolis. Here is the chapel:

I think it is weird to get all excited about “gothic architecture when it is covered in ivy, but whatever. Heading inside:

Then I went through and saw the crypt where the remains of the cremated people were. Note to Mom: ashes should be scattered. Then to the cemetery.


The place is still in use and there were several recent markers. One that struck me right by the entrance was a 12-year old girl who died in 1975. She had a shiny new memorial because her mother died at age 65 last fall and was buried with her. I couldn’t make myself take a picture of that one.

I took a few shots of older and interesting stones, then moved on to the Riverdale Farm. An actual working farm in a park in the city. It was cute, but there were too many kids, so I moved on. The walk continued past the earliest public housing in Toronto where, seriously, I would live. You know, if it had a heated garage. Which it might, as it has gone co-op. Then I managed to find a street car back to my hotel.
I made a stop at the hotel to see about booking a trip to Niagara Falls tomorrow. Successful. Then I took the subway to Yorkville, thinking that I would have lunch and go to the museum. Yorkville seems to be the upscale, trendy neighborhood. (yawn). I had a club sandwich outside at Remy’s, which was perfectly lovely. But the bathrooms leave something to be desired.

By then, the museum seemed lame, so I walked over to Queen’s Park. Where there is a statue of a man on a horse. So now I’m ticked. It is Queen’s Park. There should be a lady on the horse! Who the heck is this guy?!

The answer is Edward VII who dedicated the park in whatever year in the name of his mother, Queen Victoria. Hrmmph. Fine.

Then I went by this building, which was still in the park and may have been part of the university but I forget. It’s just pretty.

By the time I walked back to my hotel, I had put 7.5 miles on my little pedometer, which is why I am online at 4pm. I seem to remember walking by a cute little Italian place this morning, so perhaps I will head in that direction for dinner. Or perhaps I wil just go to the McDonalds across the street.

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